Robert Davis Racing or RDR was started in Houston, Texas in 1997, when other Mazda employees wanted to join with US and begin racing.  Weldon Munsey and Kyle Harrell were the first members, with Weldon joining as a driver and Kyle as a crew chief.  Until then, we had been racing as a single car, but with great support from friends like Eric Morehouse, Eric Johnston and Ron Hitter in Southern California.

As the team grew and moved to Chicago and then Irvine, the car count steadily went up with it.  The early days were about SCCA Showroom Stock Racing, then Formula Mazda, on to SCCA Touring 3 with Mazda RX-8s.   The team gathered some great drivers with Randy Saucier, Rick Gilhart, Nick Esayian, Scott Shelton, Jim Daniels and Truman Pollard in the early days along with a few championships.  Joining forces with Mothers Polishes Waxes and Cleaners was a big milestone, we found a family that was family.  As the team’s net and interests widened so did the involvement into other areas, like supporting the early days of Mazda’s Heritage Collection, creating our own heritage collection, and even brewing our own beer.

With the expansion came new faces and opportunities to meet new people and do new things, we have used the RDR platform to help young people pursue their dreams whether its racing, mixed martial arts, RC cars, or Target Archery.  Today’s team is bigger than ever, with our first second generation member, while the size is larger, the principles of team work have stayed the same, team over individual, always be a student, act like a champion, and your brightest moments are when you face the grimmest circumstances with a team behind you.  We thank all who have and currently support the RDR platform, who knows where the journey will take us next, but it should be fun. 

-Robert and Bonnie Davis       



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