Robert Davis Racing Celebrates Hot-Weather Success


-  First visit to Buttonwillow Raceway Park in 2012 NASA club-racing season -

SAN JUAN CAPISTRANO, Calif., April 25, 2012 – Robert Davis Racing (RDR) brought 12 racecars and high-performance street cars to Central California’s Buttonwillow Raceway Park, and proved why the team is a real force with which to be reckoned in Southern California club racing.   With the heat increasing as the weekend went on – to a high above 95 degrees on Sunday afternoon –  RDR’s team drivers turned up the heat on the competition, with four wins of eight possible and nine podium finishes in the sprint races, and another podium finish in Saturday’s three-hour night enduro.

This weekend’s sprint race-groupings saw all the RDR cars on track at once.  Dennis Holloway (RX-8) waved the RDR flag in the PTC class, with a win on Saturday and second place on Sunday.  Josh Allan (Mazda MX-5) and Lee Papageorge (RX-8) represented the team in PTD, with Allan on the top step both days and Papageorge nipping at his heels in second.  PTE action saw Randy Miller continuing to come to grips with his new MX-5 Miata racecar, with seventh and eighth-place finishes over the weekend.

Regular followers of Spec Miata racing action are used to seeing the cars going all-out all the time, and Buttonwillow was no exception.  With four of RDR’s Team Spec Miata drivers in action, the hardware take was impressive.  On Saturday, Jeremy Barnes finished in third, Ken Saward fourth, Jeff Jeppesen in seventh and Mark Stenzel in eighth.  Sunday saw Barnes move to the top-step of the podium for his first NASA Spec Miata win, with Saward in third and Stenzel in fifth (Jeppesen was not racing on Sunday).

In the 7:00-10:00pm three-hour enduro, the day-into-night action saw team-boss Robert Davis join Weldon Munsey in an E2-class RX-8, while Allan and Holloway teamed in an E1-class RX-8 (the varying classifications a result of different suspension and exhaust modifications to the two cars).  A rare engine failure caused by a cut oil-supply line meant that the E1 RX-8 was sidelined just after the half-way mark, but after a strong opening stint by Davis in the E2-class car driving into the darkness, Munsey was able to bring the car home a strong second place in class. 

RDR has a history of bringing young drivers into the team, showing them the racing ropes and helping them get on track.  This weekend saw four of the newest members of the team – Josh Allan, Mike Schoenbachler, Matt Bonnell and Charlie Hayden – undergo their team “initiation”.  Like the old saying goes, you only make fun of the ones you love, and some good-natured ribbing cemented the four’s place in the team.  Attached photography of the initiation ceremony may be reused by media without rights requirements, credit to Robert Davis Racing.


Race details:

Driver:                                 Class:                    Saturday Race:       Sunday Race:                    Car:

Dennis Holloway               PTC                       1                                           2                             RX-8

Josh Allan                           PTD                       1                                          1                              MX-5

Lee Papageorge                PTD                       2                                         2                              RX-8

Randy Miller                      PTE                       7                                           8                              MX-5 Miata

Jeremy Barnes                   SM                        3                                          1                               MX-5 Miata

Ken Saward                        SM                        4                                          3                               MX-5 Miata

Mark Stenzel                      SM                        8                                          5                               MX-5 Miata

Jeff Jeppesen                     SM                         7                                        N/A                           MX-5 Miata

Davis/Munsey                     E2                          2

Allan/Holloway                   E1                          DNF


Next Up:  RDR returns to the track next on the Memorial Holiday weekend, at Willowsprings Raceway.  Watch for updates and schedules, as well as live-streaming action, at


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