Robert Davis Racing Closes 2017 Racing Season w/2nd Place-in-Class @ Thunderhill 25 hr Race

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Robert Davis Racing Closes 2017 Racing Season

with Second Place-in-Class at Thunderhill 25 Hour Race

SAN JUAN CAPISTRANO, Calif., Dec 6, 2017 – Robert Davis Racing (RDR) closed out a year of firsts with the 15th running of the National Auto Sport Association (NASA)’s 25 Hours of Thunderhill.  Debuting its new racecar, nicknamed “Snowflake” for its metallic white paint, RDR broke its own record for most-laps-completed in the race, as the team recorded 659 laps of the three-mile circuit.  After getting out to an early lead, RDR was eventually overhauled by KD Racing for the win, finishing only six laps behind after a day-and-an-hour of racing.

RDR began the 2017 racing season in a bittersweet fashion, as the team’s long-raced fleet of Mazda RX-8s were retired, being replaced with Spec Miatas.  It’s been a long haul to return RDR to its position of domination, as drivers Dennis Holloway and Lee Papageorge came to terms with the small, nimble, lower-powered Miatas, and the fields of 15-20 dog-eat-dog competitors.  As the season ended, though, it was back to the team’s stalwart Mazda RX-8, with Snowflake carrying the flag for the team in endurance racing.

Some fun facts from the team regarding the race:

-        Laps completed: 659 (1,977 miles, and a team record)

-        Position overall: 23 (of 54 starters)

-        Finish in class: 2

-        Fuel used: 290.1 gallons

-        Tires used: 25

-        Planned pit stops: 26

-        Unplanned pit stops: 1

-        Pit penalties: 0

-        Number of Chris Jones’s lemon bars eaten: Too many

-        Brain cells lost forever: Who knows…?

“There’s an old saying that there’s no ‘i’ in team, and nowhere is that more true than in endurance racing,” said Robert Davis, team principal.  “I’m always proud of the effort and care that the RDR crew puts in, whether in preparation at the shop or in the pit lane at the track.  But that pride swells every year at the 25, the race we all love to hate.  Running only one car this year meant a smaller crew than we’re used to, and everyone rose to the occasion as I could only have hoped they would.  While we just didn’t have the on-track pace to win this year, I’ll put my crew up against anyone’s on any day.”

Snowflake is powered by a 13B Renesis two-rotor rotary engine, the only rotary-powered car in the race and the smallest-displacement – only 1.3 liters – too.  Revving to more than 9,000 rpm, the unique rotary engine is what sets the car apart from everything else in the race. 

Behind the wheel for the 2017 race were RDR regulars Jeremy Barnes, Jim and Dennis Holloway and Lee Papageorge, and Mazda professional driver Joel Miller.

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About RDR:  RDR has been a dominant force on the west coast in Club Racing, winning regional, divisional and national titles for the last seven years.  

RDR appreciates the support of Mother’s Polishes Waxes Cleaners, Hoosier Racing Tires, Mazda, Racing Hart, Hawk Brakes, Classy Car Auto Detailing, Sparco, Magnaflow, Harbor Freight, and EMI.

Timothy Barnes