March 19, 2019



The So-Cal NASA 2019 season got going in a big way for Hannah Grisham this past weekend at "The Fastest Road in the West," Willow Springs International Raceway, in Rosamond, California. Near perfect weather, a newly resurfaced track, and the great camaraderie NASA So-Cal is known for set the stage for an epic weekend.

With the benefit of being part of the Robert Davis Racing/Mothers Polishes, Waxes and Cleaners team and the tuning expertise of James Brown of Morning Star Racing, Grisham started the day Saturday by qualifying off pole.

Saturday's race saw Grisham get a good push to take the hole shot, but was passed a lap or so in as the race developed into a three-car duel. Over the majority of the race, Grisham worked with the leading #72 to build a gap over the third place car and the rest of the field. Coming down to the last couple laps, and with it now being a two car race for the win, Grisham made her move in turn 7 to retake the lead, a lead she battled to defend all the way to the checkered flag.

After Sunday's qualifying race was shortened due a 5-car melee, Grisham again found herself starting off pole for the Main. The same 3-car lead pack emerged as on Saturday, but this time they found themselves having to work through a Porsche race group that started just in front of the Miata’s.

The third place #91 dropped a wheel off track passing one of the Porsches and bent a wheel, causing him to have to slow. Grisham, following the leading #72, had to also work through the Porsches quickly without allowing the leader to get away. Once that excitement was over, and on the second to last lap, Grisham attacked in turn one, with the outcome of the side to side battle finally settled in Hannah's favor in turn 4. The last lap and a half saw all the talent of this class on display as Grisham and the #72 put on a tactical seminar, with Grisham narrowly holding on for the win at the line!

Hannah came away with two wins and fast lap of the weekend, noting: "In the end, James' setup strategy gave me a great race car, allowing me certain portions of the track I could rely on as being quicker and then I just needed to manage the other sections."

socalnasa2019 HG podium.jpg


Hannah would like to thank Mothers, Robert Davis Racing, Morning Star Racing, Global Electronic Technology, RLV, NASA, The Women's Sports Foundation, Winner's Circle Sports Marketing and Mazda for all their support. Hannah would also like to give a big shout out to City of Hope for all the wonderful things they do for children and adults.

Hannah's next races are April 6-7 at Buttonwillow raceway outside Bakersfield. Please follow Hannah, and wish her luck as the 2019 season continues to unfold!

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